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Antispam setup and email domain authentication

Check the required steps to successfully configure the Antispam and authenticate your email domain used as a sender for your email messages.

Eventboost is firmly committed to email deliverability issues and has implemented all available authentication methods to ensure that email messages sent from the platform would be correctly delivered to the recipients’ inbox: SPF, SenderID, DKIM, and DMARC.

Also, we designed “safe” email templates that have been checked and validated against major spam filters concerning contents, design, coding, and technical aspects that can interfere with regular delivery.

These email templates have been optimized for 50+ email clients (desktop, tablet, smartphone, and web), to ensure that your email messages will be displayed correctly on desktop and mobile devices.

Maximize the deliverability of your email messages

Complete our email authentication protocol before sending your campaign, to maximize deliverability and prevent messages from being marked as spam or blocked as suspect by junk email filters:

  1. Request authentication details - Request to deliverability@eventboost.com the instructions to set up SPF and DKIM authentication on the domain you are going to use as a sender.
  2. Authenticate your domain - Forward the setup instructions to your IT department (or whoever is in charge of managing your domain).
  3. Complete setup - When all settings have been applied on your end, please send us a confirmation email. We will then complete the authentication setup on our servers’ side.

If you have successfully configured your DNS, you’ll get a ready-to-go message from us. Please note that changes to the DNS might take up to 48 hours to propagate over the internet. We strongly recommend waiting for that time before launching your campaign or registration site.

Sending your messages without completing our authentication protocol might affect email deliverability and result in receiving failures.

To learn more about email deliverability and domain authentication, check our website:



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