Can I Add New Guests to my existing Invitee List?

This article explains to you how you can add new guests to the platform manually or using an Excel sheet.

Yes! Eventboost allows you to add new guests to an existing list at any given time. You can add them manually (one by one) or use an Excel File.

Add new guests manually

  • Go to the Invitee List (you can also add them from the Master List and the Check-in tab)
  • On the top-right of the list, click the button with the man and the plus; a pop-up window opens
  • Enter at least the required information (Name and Last Name)
  • Click the "Add Invitee" gray button to add the guest to the list.


Add new guests using an Excel sheet

You can also add new guests through an Excel file using the "Append only" option. Before appending new guests to the platform, you should have already uploaded the Invitee List to the system or created fields manually. If you choose this option, guests are imported only if their email address is not already in the system. Existing guests (based upon email address) are not modified in any way.

  • Go to the Invitee List and click "Import from file"
  • Check the box to declare you have permission to use all personal data in the contact file
  • Click the option "Append only" and then the Browse gray button
  • Select from your computer the Excel file you want to append and click Open
  • Then click the Upload blue button to append the new guests to the list

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