How can I Configure the Check-in App?

Learn how ow to set up and configure your Check-in App

App Setup

To synchronize the event on the Check-in/Badge Printing App (App), go to the “App Setup” tab on the Eventboost Platform and select the checkbox “Enable App to sync this event”.

Enable App to synch the Event

Download the App and Log in

Download the App from the Apple/Google Play Store. Make sure that the tablet is connected either to a Wi-Fi or to a mobile network. Then open the App and enter your credentials. You can retrieve and change the credentials from the “App Setup” tab on the Eventboost Platform.

Retrieve App Credentials


App Functionalities

Home - My Events

Check-in App Home Page


Activate the Event on the App

Tap the "Power-on button" to activate the event; allow the App to download data and wait until the Power-on button turns orange. There might be multiple power-on buttons associated with each breakout session of the event. In that case, when you tap the session's Power-on button, you will simultaneously activate the event and that specific session.


04_App Home Screen_Activate Sessions


As you can see from the image below, the Annual Sales Conference has 3 sessions; the User activated the session from 11 AM to 2 PM. The User will be able to perform the check-in for that specific session, see the event Master List, and all guests who registered for that session.

App multiple sessions


Conversely, the image below shows an example of an event with no sessions. In that case, clicking the Power-on button will activate the whole event. The User will be able to check guests in, see the event Master and Registered Lists. 

App no sessions


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