Create Engaging Experiences using Gamification, Challenges, and Points


  • Create an event game where you create challenges and award points to incentivize desirable user actions. 
  • Include pre, during, and post-event challenges to continually drive engagement. 
  • Include prize(s) for the winner or top 3 participants to incentivize uptake and engagement further. 
  • Live leaderboard shows who's winning and adds extra motivation with real-time updates resulting in users' position on the leaderboard changing throughout the event. 
  • Manually award or remove users' points for engagement in workshops and breakouts or other good/bad behavior! 
  • Two challenge types, automated and custom, which are outlined in more detail below. 

Game Interface


Automated Challenges 

  • Automatically award points for specific actions in the platform. These automated triggers are set up on the CrowdComms dashboard (CMS). 
  • Pre-event challenges:
    • Update the profile picture and receive X points
    • Complete multiple-choice surveys or quiz with X points for each question completed or answered correctly. 
  • Session engagement challenges:
    • Take part in the live poll question and receive X points.
    • Answer a live poll question correctly and receive X points
    • Complete session feedback and receive X points
    • Enter code included on the PowerPoint slide and receive X points. 

Points awarded upon completing the automated challenges and live leaderboard updates


Custom Challenges 

  • Create custom challenges requiring users to type the correct answer or passcode to receive an allocated number of points. 
  • Limit the number of attempts to increase difficulty. 
  • Creativity is required to tie this into your specific event requirements. The examples below will give an idea of how this can work.
    • Sponsor challenge: Go to the Sponsor page and find out what their new product is called. X points for entering the name of the new product. 
    • Session challenge: Watch the session starting at 9 am and confirm the primary aim for 2021. X points for entering the primary aim for 2021. 
    • Networking challenge: Each attendee has provided a unique piece of information as part of their registration. Use the 1-2-1 chat or start a 1-2-1 video call with other attendees and find their unique answers. Enter this into the 'Enter code' section to win X points per unique answer submitted.