Virtual Platform User Guide

Below is a bunch of content we have seen clients add to virtual event platforms. Enjoy!

Initial Troubleshooting

Try refreshing your browser.
If you have more than one web browser available on your computer, try loading the event in an alternative browser. Google Chrome is recommended where available.

I can't hear anything

Please ensure that your speakers are switched on and turned up, and your device audio is turned up. If you are using headphones, try unplugging these and checking if the audio resumes.

If you continue to have audio concerns, please consult the email linked above.

I'm having video issues

The most common cause of playback issues, such as stuttering or constant buffering, is a poor internet connection.

If you are on a WiFi connection, please try connecting to a hard-wired connection.

If the above does not solve the issue, please try tethering to or streaming from your mobile device. If this solves the issue, then the concern lies with your connection.

If you continue to have video concerns, please consult the "EVENT EMAIL ADDRESS".

Technical issues and troubleshooting

Internet Browser

For the best results, we recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Please also check your organization's security policies to ensure pop-outs are not blocked. Alternatively, the event website can be accessed on an Android enabled tablet or iPad - or even a modern smartphone. 


If you can hear an echo or the live stream being played twice, this is usually the result of multiple tabs or windows being open. If the problem persists after closing the other tabs, please close the virtual platform window completely and restart in a new window.

Missing Q&A or feedback buttons

The Engagement Panel should be visible to the screen's right-hand side once you have clicked on the session (sessions can be accessed via 'Agenda’ in the left-hand side menu).


How to Watch a Session Live

Step 1
In the left-hand side menu, tap on 'Live stream'.

Step 2
A holding slide will appear. Once the live stream has started, the content should play automatically. You can pause at any time.

How to watch on demand

Step 1

In the left-hand side menu, tap on 'Agenda’.

Step 2

Tap on the title of the session you wish to join (please ensure that you click on the title, do not click on ‘On Now’ as this is not a call to action button).

Step 3

The session will automatically play. You can also pause, play, and fast forward.

How to ask a speaker a question in Q&A

Step 1

Please do not submit questions if you are watching the session on-demand as the questions are not being monitored.

If you are watching the live session (accessible via 'Live stream' in the left-hand side menu), scroll to the right-hand side of the screen and click on the Q&A button - located in the Engagement Panel.


Step 2

Tap on 'Ask Question'.


Step 3

Type your question in the text box, then tap 'Submit your question'. The event organizer may moderate questions.


How to rate a session

Step 1

In the left-hand side menu, tap on the 'Agenda’ button.

Step 2

Tap the session you wish to rate.

Step 3

Tap the feedback button to the right-hand side of the screen.


Tap submit.

How to view speaker presentations

Step 1

Subject to the speaker's permission, a PDF version of their presentation will be available to download after the event.

To download their presentation, tap the 'Meet speakers' tab in the left-hand side menu.

Step 2

Search and tap on the speaker.

If the presentation is available to download, the PDF will appear in the 'Documents' section. The ‘Documents’ section will only appear if there is a presentation available to download.


Step 3

Tap the document to download it.

Updating your Profile

Step 1

In the left-hand side menu, click on 'My Profile'.

Step 2

Add or amend your information as required.

If you do not wish to allow other delegates, speakers, or sponsors to contact you via the chat function, you can disable it in the ‘Privacy Settings’ section (scroll down to that section.


Please note, disabling the chat function will disable the 'Ask the Organisers' chat function. To contact an organizer, please email EVENT EMAIL ADDRESS instead.

Step 3

Tap ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page to update your profile.

Networking with Other Attendees

Step 1

In the left-hand side menu, tap 'Attendees'.

Step 2

Choose the person you would like to connect with.

You can also search for attendees using the search bar at the top of your screen.


Step 3

Choose ‘Chat’.


Step 4

Type your message into the text box, then tap ‘Send’.


Enabling or Disabling Private Messaging

Step 1

In the left-hand side menu, tap 'My Profile'.

Step 2

Scroll down to ‘Privacy Settings’.

To send and receive private messages, ‘Chat Messaging’ needs to be ticked. Click to enable or disable your settings.

Please note, disabling the chat function will disable the 'Ask the organizers' chat function. To contact an organizer, please email "EVENT ORGANISER EMAIL" instead.


Step 3


Click on ‘Save’ to update your preferences.