How can I upload my Invitee List?

This article explains how you can easily upload your Invitee List to the Eventboost using an excel spreadsheet.

You can find below all the steps to successfully upload the Invitee List to your event:

  • Go to the Manage Guests tab and click the Invitee List slot
  • Check the box to declare to have permission to use all personal data in the contact file
  • Click the gray Browse button to search the file in your computer
  • Select the Invitee List you want to upload to the platform and then click Open (Eventboost accepts .xls and .xlsx file only)
  • Click the blue Upload button to import the list to the platform
  • At the end of the import, Eventboost will show a window with the results of the import process. Otherwise, the system will warn in case of errors during the import process

Check out the video below to learn how you can easily upload your Invitee List.

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