VirtualCrowd Platform Graphics Guidelines

Design Set-up Process


Eventboost design service allows you to choose from one of our user-friendly, tried, and tested template designs. Simply follow the steps, provide us with the required assets and we will provide a completed homepage within five (5) working days.

If you require something other than the available templates, you have the option to create a custom design yourself and provide Eventboost with the vector assets to implement. This custom design is an additional service, so please contact your Account Manager to discuss options and associated pricing. 

Please note: Eventboost offers a limited design service to take your assets and apply these to the platform. Eventboost is not a design agency and assets will be applied as received. Once your design is in place, you will have the opportunity to review and request one (1) round of changes within the design service included. Additional rounds of changes will be charged at USD 150.00 per request or USD 150.00 per hour providing you are able to communicate all changes at the same time.

1. Step One - Choose a template (1-8)

Use the below link to browse through our available templates. 

View our templates

Example choice: Template 8

2. Step Two - Provide a background image that appears behind the logo and icons on the home screen 

  • Desktop background image: 1920 x 1080 px (.png .jpg)
  • Mobile background image: 400 x 800 px (.png .jpg)

Example desktop background: 


3. Step Three - Provide Logo files 

  • Your logo files should be sent as a vector (.ai .svg. eps)
  • If you don't have a vector available please send all color options as transparent .pngs

4. Step Four - Visual guidelines 

  • Please provide available guidelines 
  • If unavailable, please provide a link to the company website demonstrating the priority of colors to use
  • Alternatively, specify hex codes clearly outlining which sections should have the relevant hex code. 

5. Step Five - Home screen choices

  • List the options you wish to appear on the icons on the home screen


  • Agenda
  • Speakers
  • Attendees
  • Event Game

6. Step Six - Custom font

  • In order to apply your custom font, please provide font files. 

7. Step Seven - Template specific and optional steps

7.1. Only relevant for templates 3 and 5

Provide custom images for icons on the home screen. 

If you opt for template 3 or 5, these include images on the home screen icons. Please provide your preferred images in the below format renaming in line with the icon name i.e. Agenda. 

  • Template 3: 400 x 260 pxl (.png .jpg .gif) Provide images with a maximum file size of 1MB
  • Template 5: 300 x 300 pxl (.png .jpg .gif) Provide images with a maximum file size of 1MB

7.2. Only relevant for templates 7 and 8

Provide links to the video you need linked to the home screen. 

  • Your required video must be loaded to Youtube, Vimeo, or comparable
  • Provide us with the link to this video

7.3. Only relevant if you have sponsors

If sponsor exposure is important for your event, you can include up to five sponsors on the home screen using a banner below the icons as can be seen in the below example. Please provide each sponsor image in the below format to build this banner into the home screen design. 

  • Provide sponsor logo (.png .jpg)