Creating a Name Badge for your Event

Learn how to create a name badge for your event.

The Eventboost platform has an intuitive built-in name badge builder that enables the User to create name badges for each event. You can choose among different types of templates and sizes to customize your badge and make it unique.


Here how it works:

  1. Log-in to the Eventboost platform and access your event
  2. Click on the "Badge" tab on the top black bar of your event dashboard
  3. Click on the "Add Badge" box to add your name badge
  4. Name your badge 
  5. Select the badge size* and Save.

*When selecting a badge size Eventboost shows you what is the compatible printer for printing on-site during the check-in phase.


Watch the explanatory tutorial below for a more in-depth overview, and check this article to learn how to design and customize your name badge: Designing and Customizing a Name Badge.



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