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Use a custom domain as a sender for your email messages

Eventboost allows you to use a custom domain for any email messages sent out through the system. Learn what are the required steps to avoid spam and enhance deliverability rates

Email communication is an essential component of your event registration cycle, and ensuring guests receive your email messages in their inbox and open them, is crucial. 

To help you reduce spam and increase both deliverability and opening rates, Eventboost allows you to choose a custom domain as a sender for your email messages.

If you want to use your domain as a sender (e.g., @yourdomain.com), don't forget to complete our email authentication protocol before sending your campaign, to maximize deliverability and prevent messages from being marked as spam or blocked as suspect by junk email filters. Click HERE to learn more about the Eventboost Antispam standards, or check this article that explains the steps to complete our domain's authentication protocol: "Antispam setup and email domain authentication".

Configuring your domain as a sender for your email messages

When you create a new email message and have chosen the message name and the guest's recipient you want to reach out to, click the "Configured layout" section to enter the sender name, the email address you want to use for that message, and a short yet effective subject line.


You can use a different email sender for each of your messages; however, anytime you create a new email, Eventboost will automatically pre-populate the sender's details with the last saved

Alternatively, if you don't want to use your custom domain as a sender for your email messages, you can use our secure and authenticated domain: info@system.eventboost.com.

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